Where Lexus is made. Thirteen years of Lexus RX production in Canada, and counting.

In today’s global market, the stamp that says “Made in Canada” is rarer than ever, and arguably, more valuable than ever.

That’s why Lexus is proud of the fact that the RX and RX Hybrid are manufactured here in Canada. The RX has been produced in the True North Strong since 2003, with RX Hybrid production being added to the mix in 2014. The RX is one of a select few luxury SUVs manufactured here in Canada.

Cambridge is the home of the North American Lexus plant, housed in the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada’s South Plant (which, in combination with the Toyota plant in Woodbridge, employs over 8,000 Canadians), is one of five Lexus manufacturing facilities around the world, one of just two plants in North America. The brand has a particularly engaged approach to their production. This from their site:

“You would think a factory is just where automobiles are built and finished. With us, it’s where some of our best ideas get started—from rethinking the materials, to inventing new methods of making them, to crafting and testing our vehicles in ways never imagined. Some would call this over the top; we just call it another day at the office.”


The Cambridge plant has won six J.D. Power and Associates Gold Plant Quality Awards.

So where is your Lexus RX made? Right here in Canada. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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