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There’s nothing like the rush of going all out on a smooth stretch of pavement. As the official automotive partner of Cycling Canada, Lexus is committed to not only providing the equipment to get you and your bike to where you need to be, but also to helping foster a nation of riders.

Without further ado, here are some of the best routes in Southern Ontario to take your road bike out for a spin, whether it be a marathon ride or just a stretch-the-legs day trip.

  1. Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail

With a few packed dirt exceptions, this former rail bed is a well paved and smooth ride, often along quiet country roads. If you’re looking for a long stretch without too many interruptions from other trafficked areas or crossroads, the Prescott-Russell Trail is perfect. The 72-km trail runs from St-Eugene to Hammond, nearly at the Quebec border. Passing through the farmland and forest will ignite a little pastoralism in even the most ardent city-dweller. On September 10th, you can join a ride visiting the St-Albert Cheese Factory and the Cleroux Apple Orchard for free, as long as you register online.

              1.  Tay Shore Trail

Starting in Midland and ending in Waubaushene (or vice versa), this trail is around 17 km of smooth riding goodness that mostly hugs the coastline of Victoria Harbour. This is a nice easy ride, no climbing, with some truly amazing scenery. The ease of the ride makes this perfect for any skill level and great for family rides. As far as the Trans Canada Trail goes, this is one of the best sections for road biking, and it used to be a CN rail corridor. You can also learn a little more about the history and nature in the region as there are informative plaques along the ride.

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  1. Midland Waterfront Trail

If you’re looking to extend your Tay shore Trail ride, or want something a little shorter but with the same great views, the Midland Waterfront Trail is just 8 km and will give you a great view of the waterfront as well as the town itself. There are also seven public parks on the way for picnics or just taking a breather. Both Midland Waterfront Trail and Tay Shore Trail are great riding in any season, although fall is particularly beautiful.


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          1. The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail



For over 1,600 km, through 20 provincial parks, 3 national parks and along three great lakes, this waterfront route follows the shores of Lake Huron along to Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, to Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River. And while getting out and doing any part of it is great whenever weather permits, the best time to ride this trail has to be during the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure when you can join other cycling enthusiasts for a massive multi-day group ride. This year’s ride takes place August 6-12, and you can expect anywhere between 40 and 105km of riding per day. The general idea is to camp along the way, but you can stay in hotels too. The sense of community is unparalleled, and they even have transportation for your luggage so you don’t have to haul it around on the ride. This is some prime bucket list material.



      1. Island View Drive Cycling Route



You’ll probably want to start this ride at Kelso Beach Park in Owen Sound. It loops around the peninsula, and at 85km, is not for the faint of heart. The terrain can also be a little challenging, but the benefits are great, and you’ll have a quiet, private ride. Along the way are some lookouts that give the route its “Island View” name, and if your bike can handle a gravel track road, you can take a little detour from the main trail to see Bruce Caves.

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