Northwest Lexus Employee Group Photo

With over 3,200 franchised automotive dealerships across Canada, it might seem like an uphill battle to stand out. At Northwest Lexus, however, we work tirelessly to create a work culture that is uplifting, gratifying and fun. We view our entire Northwest Lexus staff as family and as such it gives us a competitive edge among our peers.

This year, we’ve been named one of the Best Dealerships to Work For by Automotive News Canada. Just 25 companies receive the award annually.

“Being named the ‘Best Dealership to Work For’ is a tremendous honour, and it means a lot to me personally and to the entire team,” says Lina Policaro, General Manager at Northwest Lexus. “It reflects the values and best practices we have worked diligently to develop across all departments.”

Automotive News Canada’s Best Dealerships To Work For in Canada program uses first-person data to determine whether or not a company is worthy of said title. Employees are asked to fill out a survey about their company and workplace, while employers are required to complete an in-depth questionnaire about their business. The purpose of this process is to gain detailed information about the company from all perspectives and better understand culture as a whole. Dealerships must meet a certain criteria in order to receive the title.

“This recognition signifies that we are not only excelling in our business operations, but also in fostering a positive, diverse and supportive work environment. Our diversity brings a wide range of perspectives, which is invaluable in understanding and serving our diverse customer base effectively,” says Lina.

We also value feedback from our team. Our employees at every level are encouraged to share their opinions or suggestions, and this ultimately leads to a more engaged and motivated workforce. It also allows us to continuously improve our operations and provide better service to our customers.

“Northwest Lexus’ recognition as a Best Dealership to Work For symbolizes our dedication to our employees’ well-being, our commitment to diversity and safety, and our belief in a collaborative and open work culture,” adds Lina. “This accolade motivates us to continually strive for excellence in all aspects of our dealership and to set a standard for others in the industry to follow.”

Our peers at Policaro Acura also made the list and we want to extend a high-five to them, too. We applaud our entire team here at Northwest Lexus for continuing to make our dealership such a great place to work!