At Northwest Lexus, we’re dedicated to the continual improvement of all aspects of our business. The Japanese have a word for this; it’s called kaizen. Here’s an explanation of the philosophy and how we harness its power at Northwest Lexus.

You’ve heard us say this before: when you buy a vehicle from Northwest Lexus, you get so much more than just a Lexus. But it bears repeating.

The automotive dealership experience has been changing rapidly. We’ve spilled more than a little bit of ink on the matter, and how we’ve been keeping up. (Check out our blog post on how our dealership is changing the game). The way people shop for vehicles is different—and the best dealerships have evolved into something more akin to experience centres than mere places to buy cars.

But how does Northwest Lexus evolve? Evolution is not an abrupt process—it doesn’t just happen. It’s a marathon, with thousands of small, short, dedicated steps taken in the direction of a larger goal. In our case, these steps are taken together, as a team—this is what kaizen means to Northwest Lexus.

The most literal translation of the word is “change for better,” but has itself evolved (in the business realm at least) to include “continuous”. And essentially, that’s what we do every day. As a practice and philosophy, kaizen is all encompassing and 100 per cent inclusive. From the newest employee doing basic duties on their first day of work, to the management staff who have been with us from day one deciding how and where we’ll spend our marketing dollars, we all pull together in the same direction. This is how greatness is achieved.

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Over the years, we’ve developed everything from our in-store experience, to our online marketing initiatives (thanks for the follow!), to our community events, and drive days.

Indeed, Northwest Lexus looks a lot different than it did when it opened over a decade ago in 2002…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have any suggestions on how we could continue to improve the Northwest Lexus experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you.