I would like to write to commend you guys at Northwest Lexus on your superb customer service. Specifically Andy Couto whom I dealt with on a previous visit to Northwest. I have never ever experience such phenomenal customer service in my life. Andy was very interested in any issues I had to raise pertaining to my vehicle and addressed them promptly and thoroughly. Even if I thought I had a stupid question. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone providing customer service. He treated my concerns and my car as though it was his very own and acted very strenuously and quickly to rectify them. Even one issue, that’s been ongoing since I purchased the vehicle, he took the time to follow up with me multiple times in the months following my visit. His energy is amazing and enthusiasm contagious. It’s very very rare to meet anyone who is as good at their job as Andy. I in fact am looking forward to my next visits to northwest to maintain my car in the coming months because of Andy. Thank you Andy!! My very recent visit a few days was also equally good. Sanaya is a very knowledgeable lady and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her advice and the fact that she’s very easy to talk to makes me feel super comfortable about any decision I make in your shop. Any inquiry I had she took the time to explain and help me render an appropriate decision in regards to my car. She is an amazing sales person and helped to take appropriate and prudent action for repairs on my car. She also made special inquiries into a special you guys had on rims and tires to ensure that they would be suited for my car despite me acting very impulsively at the idea of purchasing them. A possible purchase I’m still rolling over in my head but thanks to her I can make a very informed decision. Thank you Sanaya! All Your staff is very honest and very thorough. Something I’ve never experience in sales and customer service. I’d very much like to thank you guys at northwest Lexus. The entire experience from the first time I walked in as an ignorant kid looking for a fancy car, up until this very day has been remarkable. I would recommend Lexus, specifically northwest Lexus, to anyone and everyone I come across. Thank you very kindly,