Lexus RZ 450e Canada

Canada, we’ve waited long enough. The all-new 2023 RZ 450e, Lexus’ first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV), is finally here and we could not be more thrilled for its arrival.

Lexus didn’t rush its entry into the world of electrification. Instead, every element of the RZ 450e has been carefully considered to ensure that the first-ever Lexus BEV is a perfect reflection of the luxury, comfort and power that our customers know and expect.

The wait is worth it.

“The RZ 450e—our first global Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)—begins a new chapter for Lexus as we continue to provide sustainable mobility solutions around the world, while delivering the exquisite benefits of a carbon-neutral luxury vehicle to our guests,” says Martin Gilbert, Director of Lexus Canada. 

A dedicated BEV platform was developed for the RZ 450e in order to maximize vehicle performance, and so was an all-new DIRECT4 all-wheel-drive system, which gives motorists ultimate control over both front and rear drive force, depending on road conditions.

“It’s exhilarating to drive, feels secure and engages all the senses,” adds Gilbert.

It’s extremely handsome, too. Some of the standout features, which are minimal in design, but highly impactful, include the signature L-shaped daytime running lights and a panoramic roof that opens. 


Inside, the sleek design modifications continue, including adjustments to the standard shift lever, which has been replaced by a dial shift knob—another first for Lexus. The 14” infotainment touch screen is outfitted with Lexus Interface, the latest multimedia and connectivity system, which is highly intuitive and user friendly. 

There are three models of the RZ 450e to choose from, including the Signature, Luxury, and Executive. All three models offer different customizations and levels of comfort and power. 

The RZ 450e is a stunning example of how luxury and electrification can be seamlessly unified, and it’s leading the way for Lexus’ push for carbon naturally. 

“The RZ heralds Lexus’ transition to a BEV-centric brand, offering a full lineup of battery electric vehicles in all categories by 2030,” says Gilbert. 

To learn more about the RZ 450e, visit Northwest Lexus and connect with one of our sales representatives today.