Lexus F Sport Program in Development

Our Lexus F Sport Performance program is designed to offer current Lexus owners, and those soon to be Lexus owners, an opportunity to experience the exhilaration that the Lexus F Sport division brings. Lexus has long been known for unyielding quality and attention to detail and, while those pillars remain in our DNA, Lexus also has a heart pounding performance side.

We are currently developing the Northwest Lexus F Sport Performance Program. A program dedicated to providing our guests the opportunity to not only experience Lexus F Sport Performance, but offer parts and accessories exclusive to the F-Performance vehicles.



Many dealerships have display areas for their performance vehicles — however we want to do more than simply provide a simple static display. We are designing our program to allow guests to immerse themselves in the Lexus F-Sport performance experience. As an example, we recently invited an number of guests to the Canadian Tire Motorsports park in Bowmanville to get behind the wheel of various F-Sport vehicles. In order to ensure our participants received the most from the day, Lexus F-Sport instructors we’re on hand to provide expert track and driving instruction.

Participants are put through a number of track experience throughout the day inducing breaking maneuvers, acceleration manoeuvres and high speed diving. All of these elements are designed to provide our guests the best possible experience and allow them to truly immerse themselves in the Lexus designed and engineered performance.

Lexus Performance in the Winter

In addition to experiences such as the one mentioned above – we also hold a winter drive program designed to allow guests the opportunity to experience Lexus all-wheel-drive vehicles on a closed ice-track. This program aims to provide practical driving instruction in wintery conditions. By the end of the day participants come away with a much better appreciation for winter driving and the benefits of Lexus all-wheel-drive and winter tires.

As we continue to develop the Lexus F-Sport Performance Program at Northwest Lexus  we’ll post on our blog and hashtag with #fperformanceNWL. Stay tuned.