Lexus DIRECT4 EV drivetrain

A new generation of Lexus technology has been introduced to the world of electric vehicles with the reveal of the DIRECT4, a new electric drive control system for Lexus’s next generation of hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

The DIRECT4 is the core of the new “Lexus Electrified” strategy aimed at delivering a unique dynamic performance to future hybrid and battery electric models while offering the unparalleled Lexus Driving Signature.

Aimed at providing drivers with a natural driving feel and a sense of connection to their vehicle, Lexus has engineered the DIRECT4 to be highly responsive and intuitive. Front and rear motors each produce 201 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque all controlled and automatically balanced by the system between front and rear-wheel drive, adapting to varying driving conditions. The result is an optimum drive force distribution without delay, providing a comfortable, quiet and signature Lexus DNA driving experience.

While not much is known about the prototype vehicles aside from teaser images revealed by Lexus, it can be said that the DIRECT4 technology will continue to provide an unmatched Lexus Driving Signature while bridging to a new experience of electrified vehicle technologies.

DIRECT4 is just the beginning of Lexus’s target to make fundamental leaps in vehicle performance, control and driver enjoyment while exploring alternative electrification technologies, not reliant on traditional combustion engineering.

Currently, Lexus’s EV rollout is limited to certain regions in China and Europe, but it has confirmed plans to launch EV models in the American market in the near future, potentially including the DIRECT4 system.