Everyone is a photographer these days, which only makes sense because we’re all consuming imagery like mad too.

If you didn’t get a photo of it and then post said photo, it didn’t happen. That’s the basic philosophy these days. And you can deny it all you want, but your Instagram following won’t double tap until you get it on camera. You’ve got to know how to take awesome photos if you want to get awesome Likes.

So, with your Lexus all polished up for summer, and the natural light falling just perfectly on your driveway during the evenings, we thought it’d be the perfect time to run down some of the best ways to photograph that shiny whip of yours.

We asked our resident photographer to give us a handful of his go-to techniques. Here are some surefire ways to take awesome photos of your Lexus.

1. Look It In the Eyes


This angle is a great ice breaker. It introduces the most recognizable features of the car (most of the time), and gives the viewer perspective before we launch into the detail shots. Tip: don’t be afraid to tilt the camera for a bit of flare.

2. Rear Profile


This shot also adds perspective, but from behind. Like the front shot, take a few steps to the side to give the car some profile and establish the lines of the vehicle.

3. The Drumstick


The sportier the car, the better this photo of the rear quarter will be. But that doesn’t mean your SUV’s rims won’t look dynamite all cleaned up. This one can highlight any of the finer features like rims and callipers that pop. You can even brighten it up or add some saturation in editing, either right on Instagram or whatever photo editing program you use.  

4. Interior Intro


Before you jump into shooting all the cool interior features, help the viewer into the car. A good way to do this is through the driver’s window. Tip: Switch up your settings to increase depth of field for a more dynamic shot.

 5. Buttons!


Now that we’ve made it inside, time to show off all of those glorious buttons to press. It’s a pretty simple shot to execute–from the back seat, straight on, off to the side, whatever feels right. Again, don’t be afraid to tilt the camera to get more controls into the photo, or the gear shift, if you like the way that looks. You’re the creative director here, after all.

6. Love That Logo


It wouldn’t be a proper automotive photoshoot without a close-up of the logo. Shoot it on the grill, shoot it on the rear, shoot it on the steering wheel–either way, just shoot it. Tip: Play with shadows in editing for a cool effect.