The Policaro Automotive Family is once again proud to partner with the Caledon Ski Club as official automotive partner, helping to provide value added services to the club’s members and guests. During special events, club members will find luxury display and demo vehicles as well as other services offered throughout the season. See you on the slopes!


To be Canadian is to embrace winter and all the frozen fun that comes with it. Skiing, skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing, these activities are a part of our national identity. You’re not obligated to partake, but your winter will be much improved if you did…

And if you’re ready to grab winter by its icy horns—hold tight, they’re slippery—you’d better get your ride ready too. Here’s how to get your Lexus ready for ski season.

Protect your inside storage space

Snow happens, but it doesn’t need to seep into the foundation of your car. Protect the cargo area from wet, snowy or dirty gear with a Thermo Plastic Rubber cargo liner fit to the exact model.

cargo liner

Make more storage space

The leather seats don’t want skis on top of them, and neither does whoever is riding in the back seat. Invest in the proper cross bars that can support your equipment transportation needs year-round.


Winter boots…for your car

Winter tires will make you safer and faster (see how in the video below) and believe it or not, may even save you money on your insurance. Just ask your provider. Who wants to go shoe shopping?

And crampons for the boots

In some mountain ranges, rubber just isn’t enough—yes, even with AWD. If you’re making the trip to steep, snowy terrain, make sure there’s a set of snow chains in the trunk.

Keep it warm, even when it’s freezing with a block heater

The cold weather is hard on your engine, but you can reduce the stress with a block heater. Nobody wants to wind up like Marty. Classic Marty.


An emergency medical kit, just in case

Make one, buy one, whatever, just make sure there’s a box with the essentials in your adventure mobile. Because as any good adventurer knows, sometimes fun hurts.

And a little something for yourself while you’re at it

Get to the hills in style and warmth with the Stormtech full-zip, corded fleece sweater from the Lexus Boutique. It’s got an adjustable hood, thumb-holes and cuffs to take you from hill, to après ski and back to the chalet.