2022 Lexus ES

Now into its seventh-generation, the Lexus ES has well established itself as one of the industry’s most enamouring luxury sedans. With the introduction of the 2022 model, the Lexus ES further raises the standards by delivering an updated multimedia centre, improved industry leading safety systems, and maintaining top tier performance attributes, all while delivering a refreshing new face lift.



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The most immediate and noticeable update in the 2022 model is the new infotainment system. Staying true to the brand’s signature “Seat in Control” concept, the Lexus ES takes an ergonomic approach by repositioning its standard 8.0-inch and available 12.3-inch displays 110 mm forward, and now features touch screen capabilities, improving driver comfort and accessibility. The new screen placement is complemented by a streamlined instrument panel crafted to provide a clean and seamless layout.

Upgrading from the already prominent Lexus Safety System (LSS) 2.0+, the 2022 Lexus ES uses the Lexus Safety System (LSS) 2.5+, which provides new additional safety capabilities over its predecessor. The 2.5+ uses a new lens camera and enhanced millimetre-wave radar detection, improving its response range for frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking, bicycle detection and pedestrian detection. A new integration is the Intersection Turning Assist, which allows the system to detect oncoming vehicles on a left hand turn, or pedestrians on a left or right hand turn, activating any typical pre-collision prevention systems as needed. Additionally, Emergency Steering Assist enhances the vehicle stability and helps prevent lane departure during emergency maneuvering.

Other notable safety features include: vehicle distance control while reducing speeds down to 0 km/hr; acceleration assistance providing initial speed increases and smooth transitions when overtaking slower vehicles; and the Lane Departure Alert and Steering Assist, which is designed to better detect visible lane markers and road edging using audio, visual or vibration alerts.

2022 Lexus ES Range

Lexus has made additional performance updates in the 2022 ES to optimize handling and braking functions, increasing confidence and comfort for the driver. A new rear suspension brace adds rigidity and stability adding to the vehicle’s riding comfort. A vacuum brake system master cylinder in the gas ES has been optimized for a linear braking feeling, while the ES hybrid models possess an electronically controlled braking system that improves pedal feeling when the brake pedal is released.

The Lexus ES continues to represent an elegant look by sporting a new graphite painted grille pattern accented by auto-leveling bi-LED headlamps on all trims excluding the ES F Sport. A variety of wheel options in 17-inch and 18-inch sizes will be available to choose from to create customized options, with the ES F Sport receiving an exclusive 19-inch option.

Information regarding 2022 Lexus ES pricing details, options and interior and exterior colour choices will be made available closer to launch. Lexus is expecting for the ES to be available in Canadian dealerships this fall.