We talk a lot about “family” at Northwest Lexus, and some may think we’re too liberal with our use of the word. But if you’ve been to the facility, met our staff and felt the camaraderie that underscores all we do, you know we’re using it properly.

Consider Kadeen Moore, Northwest Lexus’ Product Specialist, who has been with the company (aka family) for over 10 years. Her presence is one that both the staff and the clients rally around. She’s consistently on point, able to answer any and all questions about any and all of our products, all with a winning smile and a firm belief in the Policaro Automotive Family’s values of exceptional customer service.

When you make a purchase and comes to pick up their new car at Northwest Lexus, it’s Kadeen who hands over the keys, answering any questions about the model or payment. Let’s learn a little more about the woman who knows so much about your Lexus.


Where are you from?

I was born in Toronto, and I moved to Brampton for high school.

How long have you been at Northwest Lexus?

This was actually my co-op placement in high school. I was in the shop when I was 16 years old, and I’ve been here ever since. I started out in the shop with the mechanics, side by side with Barry Brown, now our shop foreman.

What did the typical day look like back then? And how about now?

Oil changes. Brake jobs. Just regular maintenance. Then, after my co-op finished and I got my license, I got an actual job detailing in the wash bay. I was in there for a few years and then one day I decided I wanted to be a girl (laughs). And Francesco Policaro, the manager at the time, said ok. They knew I loved cars and I loved to talk about cars, so they made me Product Specialist and now I teach people about cars all day.

What was your first car?

My first car was a 1999 Honda Civic DX coupe. It was kind of my toy. It was standard, and I loved playing around with it. I put in a cold air intake and did a bunch of stuff to it.

What are you driving right now?

I’m in a luxury package RX. I like everything about it. It’s funny because I know these cars so well—I’ve known the RX forever—but I can’t find anything that I don’t like about it. It’s comfortable, it’s seductively strong even without the sport package. I love it.

What do you want people to know about Northwest Lexus?

The Policaros have always taught me that we don’t have clients or customers, we have guests, and you should always treat everyone who walks through the door like they’re walking into your house.

How has the way our society buys and sells vehicles changed?

When it comes to sales, guests know what they want. You can find everything online now. So, when people walk in it’s usually not to browse—they’re normally after something specific. ‘I’m looking for an RX,’ or ‘I want an IS.’ That’s why we make the entire experience special.

Our valet service, for example, and loaner program (all free) are loved by the guests. Our events are also getting very exciting. We’ve moved beyond the standard wine and cheese nights we used to do. We’re now doing track days, driving events, we went snowmobiling and dogsledding last year. It’s really no longer just about buying a car. It’s about bringing people into our family and having fun together.