2025 Lexus UX 300h

Technology is at the forefront of the all-new 2025 Lexus UX 300h performance SUV.

The 2025 Lexus UX 300h epitomizes luxury and eco-conscious performance, but it’s also a beacon of innovation, one that is propelling technology standards forward in the luxury SUV segment. From its all-new shift-by-wire tech to its innovative hybrid powertrain that delivers impressive fuel efficiency and driving dynamics, as well as in-cabin features like its intuitive digital cluster and various safety systems, the 2025 Lexus UX 300h is setting a new standard for luxury crossovers.

“The UX hybrid has built a reputation for urban agility and for 2025, Lexus engineers have boosted performance to enable our compact luxury crossover to bring more power to the streets,” says Martin Gilbert, Director of Lexus Canada. “We’ve also updated the new UX 300h with our latest bundle of safety technologies and added a new, larger digital instrument cluster to select grades – ensuring this model continues to deliver a refined, urban experience that’s a perfect partner for our Guests’ active lifestyles.”

These are five of the best tech features in the all-new 2025 Lexus UX 300h that you need to know about.

Lexus UX 300h Tech Feature: Shift-by-Wire
One of the new stand-out tech features in the 2025 UX 300h is shift-by-wire, which simplifies gear shifting thanks to new electronic controls that replace the old mechanical connections. This creates an overall quicker and smoother shifting experience that both the driver and passengers will appreciate. By replacing traditional mechanisms with the all-new shift knob design, the UX 300h can expertly handle the higher outputs it receives from the front and rear motors, which give it 196 combined horsepower (15 more horsepower than the previous model). Shift-by-wire enhances precision and modernizes the interior cabin, adding to Lexus’ commitment to innovation and luxury.

Lexus UX 300h Tech Feature: Larger Digital Cluster
The UX 300h has four models to choose from, including the UX 300h Premium, UX 300h Luxury, UX 300h F SPORT Design, and UX 300h F SPORT 2. For Guests who opt for the Luxury or F SPORT 2, a larger, 12.3-inch digital cluster now comes standard in each one. It’s a welcomed upgrade that offers a cleaner design that’s more exaggerated and easy to see.

Lexus UX 300h Tech Feature: Digital Key
Digital keys offer convenience and security and the 2025 UX 300h Luxury and F SPORT 2 models now include this technology. Guests can unlock and lock their vehicle or start it without a physical key. This seamless integration of technology not only enhances the user experience, but also reinforces the luxury and sophistication associated with Lexus ownership.

Lexus UX 300h Tech Feature: Lexus Safety System+ 3.0
The Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 technologies are revolutionizing Lexus’ commitment to safety and the 2025 UX 300h is outfitted with this system for the first time. Its features support the driver’s decisions on the road depending on traffic conditions and driving situations, and includes a suite of features like a pre-collision system, lane assist, dynamic radar cruise control, intelligent high beams and more. Further, standard safety features like a backup camera, Blind Spot Monitor system with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and a tire pressure monitoring system with auto location are included standard in all Lexus models.y.

Lexus UX 300h Tech Feature: Hybrid Powertrain
The 2025 UX 300h is the first-ever Lexus powered by the fifth-gen Lexus Hybrid System. An inline four-cylinder gas engine with two motor-generators is supported by a compact lithium-ion battery pack that updates the former nickel-metal hydride battery. Its self-charging hybrid-electric powertrain has been thoughtfully engineered to create a refined urban driving experience.

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