Lexus AWD

With winter already in full effect, we’ve started seeing some of the benefits of having the right equipment and being prepared. Ski season brings with it plenty of challenges, and although the cold, snow and ice don’t exactly represent a problem for your Lexus, there are a couple of ways you can improve your car and, indirectly, make your life easier. All of these will no doubt come in handy when you set off for that family winter trip you’ve been planning since the summer.


Hood Deflector

Winter is definitely the one season your car’s paint job resents the most. The amount of road debris kicked up from cars thanks to ice and snow mixed with the salt to stop it from freezing is a real nightmare. Thankfully, here at Lexus, we offer an OEM solution for it. The Hood Deflector isn’t just a practical way of preserving your car’s paint, but an elegant solution to the problem as well. It’s been specifically designed for your car so it’ll fit without any drilling. It’s a simple “plug and play” solution.

Winter Tires

The new 2019 NX 300 is an extremely capable SUV, but without winter tires it’s limiting itself in wintertime. Not to mention the reduced safety. The first thing you have to do, even before any snow falls, is to replace your summer tires with winter ones. Winter tires have different grooves to summer tires and are comprised of a different compound to make them a lot more effective at colder temperatures. If there’s one thing you don’t want to skimp out on, is a decent set of winter tires.

Roof/Ski Rack

If you’re planning a skiing trip with your family, some sort of a roof rack or a ski rack is essential. Skis and snowboards are far too large to fit in the boot, even for the extremely practical NX. Plus, if you get a roof rack, you might be able to fit some of the rest of the equipment up there, saving you even more room inside the cabin. Lexus offers genuine Roof Rack Cross Bars specifically designed for your NX. They’re both corrosion and fade-resistant and can carry up to 68 kilograms.

Trailer Hitch

Lexus carries NX-specific towing hitches, trailer ball platforms and trailer hitch balls designed to fit your vehicle without any other modifications. Winter is the perfect time to bring out the snowmobile, so you’re going to need a towing hitch.

Cargo Liner

The Cargo Liner we offer has been specifically designed to keep dirt, snow and liquid spills from getting inside of the rear cargo area, and to protect it. Made out of Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR), the liner is extremely flexible and light, so it can always be removed should you need to access the storage panels underneath.

Block Heater

Although not always necessary, a lot of people like to use block heaters when temperatures start plummeting. Designed to reduce engine wear and tear as well as increase the interior warm-up time, block heaters are incredibly worth it in the long run. As an added positive, they also help the car save battery power during cold start-ups.

These are just a couple of ways you can make your Lexus more practical and usable this winter. Interested in any of them? Drop us a line for pricing and availability.