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You love Mom. This is a given. But even the best of children may occasionally forget the annual holiday honouring the woman who brought them into the world. You forgetful child, you!

Rather than opting for some last-minute Hail Mary from a gas station or pharmacy, take the little time you have left and use it to put some thought into the gift…or at least do a quick Google search. Mom deserves it.

Here are 9 last-minute Mother’s Day gift/celebration ideas, many of which don’t require you to buy anything at all.

A brunch to remember

Brunch gets talked up a lot these days, so if you want to make a culinary statement between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops. A trip to the grocery store may be in order. Here’s a list of sure-to-impress brunch ideas.

Dinner date

Repay the countless meals she prepared for you over the years with an evening at a restaurant, like any of these GTA standards that offer valet parking. This is a simple gesture, but if you don’t get out for meals together often, it’s sure to be appreciated.  

A bouquet of Mom’s favourites

You’re not going to score any points for originality, and you may be subjected to a tragically long lineup at the florist, but there’s a reason why flowers are one of the most popular gifts on Mother’s Day. They’re pretty, brighten up most any space, and affordable. What’s your mother’s favourite flower?  

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Drive down cherry blossom lane

Mothers in the GTA have the good fortune of being able to celebrate Mother’s Day while the local cherry trees are in full bloom. Tell Ma to put on her walking shoes and take her to High Park for a stroll under the blossoms.

Get theatrical

If you’re in or near a large city like Toronto, which has the famed Mirvish Theatre downtown on King Street, take a look at the upcoming shows and see if there’s something fun that will get your mother’s toes tapping. Upcoming shows in Toronto include Wicked, Chicago, Mama Mia (perfect for the occasion) and more.

Plan a movie night

A few snacks and a copy of her favourite old movie can be a thoughtful gift, especially if you plan to stick around to watch it with her. A bottle of wine might be nice, too, unless of course Mom prefers Scotch.


Bake something, anything

Even and especially if you’re not the baking type. Picture her face when you hand her a plate of blueberry nut muffins and tell her you baked them yourself.

Floral tea bags

Tea time takes a delightful (and super simple) twist with this super simple DIY project via The Kipi Blog.


Fridge yourself

What does the photo of you on your mom’s fridge look like? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Even if you don’t have a frame, print off a photo of you (or you and her, or the family, or the dog, whatever) and tuck it inside a card with a thoughtful note.

DIY face masks

You don’t need to take mom to the spa to pamper her this Mother’s Day. If she’s an adventurous DIY type, you can take the treatment to her with an easy and fun at-home face mask.

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