Policaro Promise

Policaro Automotive Family

Mission Statement – The Policaro Promise, Policaro Automotive Family is committed to providing excellence in our automotive services, generating such a level of loyalty in our customers that they become advocates for our brand.

We recognize that outstanding customer satisfaction lies in the consistent delivery of an exceptional purchase and service experience and is the key to the success and future growth of our family’s business.

We recognize that at the heart of such success is the continual advancement of best management practices, wedded to the calibre of the people we employ. We nurture an environment of teamwork that fosters mutual respect amongst our employees.

We endeavour to build, operate and maintain the highest quality automotive dealerships in our industry.

We support and respect the communities we serve, becoming their partners in effecting positive change in society.

In quest of our mission we live by the highest standards of professional ethics, honesty and integrity.

This we promise.